Saturday, February 25, 2006

Thanks for the Hook Up

I have to thank David Neiwert at Orcinus and Steve Gilliard at The News Blog for linking to a Black Commentator column I wrote last February on the never ending efforts of white supremacy groups to foment hatred and violence in our society. Neiwert is always alerting us to the dangers these groups pose. He has noted a disturbing surge in neo Nazi activity in the northwest. Please donate to his "Say No to Nazis" campaign. The Nazis and others are shrewd and are using different tactics than they have in the past. They have learned to clean up their image and that makes them even more dangerous.

I also need to thank Znet and Smirking Chimp for posting my Black Commentator column on Halliburton's contract to build detention centers.

It is good to know that other people find my work useful and want to spread it around. Next Thursday in Black Commentator I will get to the truly outrageous aspect of the Dubai port security deal. Can you say bribery?