Friday, February 03, 2006

Blame Jennifer Aniston

I can't stop the Oprah bashing. I already took her on in my Black Commentator column last week but I'm just having too much fun. Steve Winn of the San Francisco Chronicle has an interesting take on Oprah. Her much talked about tongue lashing of Frey made her look like Joan Crawford in a tizzy over wire hangers.

As I said in BC, Oprah is the corporate honcho extraordinaire. Nothing wrong with that, just don't pretend to be "your best self" when the real issue is cold, hard cash.

This bizarre episode began when Oprah wanted to interview Jennifer Aniston. Aniston owns the film rights to Frey's book, and demanded that Oprah promote it in exchange for the sit down. Oprah also got a warning from a past guest that Frey was lying before he even appeared on the show. Too late. A deal is a deal. Frey went on the air and the rest is history.

When proof of Oprah's knowledge of the lies started to come out, the damage control began. You have to give her credit. She knows how to get herself out of a jam.