Saturday, February 25, 2006

Dumb Blondes

If they're (Lou Dobbs and Chris Matthews) both true blonds at 60, they should be put on display at a medical museum.
Jack Shafer, Slate

No need to question if white supremacy is ascendant. Just look at the women, and men, who read the news. MSNBC, Fox and CNN must have a requirement that all women on camera become blonde. Even the Weather Channel is in the act. Brunettes aren't allowed to tell us about high pressure systems and noreasters. Slate must be thanked for this great photo essay on television's Aryan nation.

Rita Cosby is the host of one MSNBC's many awful programs. She proved her fitness to only peddle missing blonde girl stories when she said Democrats were going after the "hoodlum vote."

"They (Democrats) are going after the quote, hoodlum vote. I mean that I think is very racist. Clearly they are going after the African American vote." When the usually brain dead and also bleached blonde Chris Matthews asked her to explain herself, Ms. Cosby added,"They're going after the felons. They're going after the convicted felons. They're going after these rosters saying that some of these felons should be able to vote."

Yes, Blondie, former felons who have finished their sentences should be allowed to vote. The lack of voting rights for felons is the great untold story of the Florida election theft in 2000. Jeb Bush removed thousands of eligible voters, by claiming they were felons when they were not.

Blondie should be asked why it is racist to turn out the black vote. It is racism that makes black people a disproportionate pool of the incarcerated population and it is racism that allows these citizens to lose their voting rights.

It is bad enough that we have to look at an endless pool of bleached blondes. Unfortunately we also have to listen to them.