Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Kerry Wins in Iowa

Well, is my face red. I had predicted a Kerry implosion, unfortunately I did so before anyone had the chance to vote. So, what happened in Iowa?

1. Never underestimate the power of the press.
2. It doesn't hurt to have a Kennedy on the campaign trail.

The media turned on Dean in the month leading up to the caucuses. Where was his wife? Where is his foreign policy experience? (He has as much as Bush had.) What about his temperament? What about those gaffes? Funny, the Bushisms contain enough gaffes for 10 candidates, but that didn't stop the media from sucking up to him.

What happens next? My predicting days are over, but I am worried about the effect of media bias on any democrat who is perceived to be the front runner. Let's not forget what the press did to Kerry before Dean began to make news. What about his wife? What about his hair style? Was his Vietnam record for real?

Of course, I will end up voting for the democratic nominee, but that person must be willing to take on Bush. I don't see it in Kerry. He is still trying to have it both ways on his war vote. He claims he didn't really want war, he voted for the president to work with the UN, etc. It seems that Senator Kerry didn't read the resolution he approved. The resolution gave the president permission to go to war. Period. It didn't require him to get international approval or anything else. The resolution gave Bush carte blanche and Kerry has to be honest about it. Of course, now that he is the front runner we will only see more articles about his hair.