Saturday, January 03, 2004

Democratic Stupidity in 2004

One would think that after the debacle of the 2000 election that the democrats would have it together a little better. Read Paul Krugman's column and you will see that we may destroy our own candidate before Karl Rove does.

Joe Lieberman, who has no chance of getting the nomination, is demonizing Howard Dean as being out of the mainstream. John Kerry, who blew his chance when he voted in favor of the Iraq war, is on the same page with Lieberman. Krugman points out that Kerry has a bad case of amnesia. When Kerry was the presumptive front runner Republicans attacked everything from his hair style to his war record. Rush Limbaugh took to calling him "Lurch."

In 2000 the supposedly liberal national press corps showed a clear preference for Bush over Gore. Check out the Daily Howler to see how they are rehashing old lies and telling new ones to stay in the good graces of the Republicans.