Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Howard Dean is Crazy!

If you read the main stream press you would think that was the case. Funny, but the media usually don't use unflattering photos, but with Dean they have been having a field day. The Iowa concession speech was no different from anything that happens with a fatigued candidate with a raspy voice. It would be interesting to go through footage of other candidates in similar situations. My guess is this would have been an out take for someone else.

I am very disappointed that liberal pundits like Joe Conason and Eric Alterman, both of whom wrote the book on conservative media bias, have completely succumbed and won't confront the media onslaught against Dean. If you wonder why the republicans win, stop wondering. Bush has made so many gaffes that a series ofbooks has been written about them. Anyway, Dean has been Gored and even liberal pundits won't point it out. If this is how the media continues to cover him he may not be able to recover.