Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Lynne Stewart is Free. Happy New Year!


“We learned this morning that the US Attorney’s office has made the motion for my compassionate release and that the Order was on Judge Koeltl’s desk.  Since on the last go-round he stated in Court that he would treat it “favorably”, we are now just waiting expectantly.” Lynne Stewart

Lynne Stewart, the people’s lawyer, shared those words with us yesterday. Today I was honored to be with some 50 other people to greet Lynne and her husband Ralph Poynter at Laguardia airport.

I did not know of this momentous change in Lynne’s status until last night. I received an email that she had been granted compassionate release and I was invited to be among those who welcomed her home.

Apparently Lynne and Ralph missed their flight, so I and others had to wait another 90 minutes or so. I came close to coming back home but when I saw friends I decided to stay. I’m glad I did. We all need reminders that we are not alone and that millions of people work for a better and more just world.

In October 2013 Black Agenda Report wished Lynne, the people’s first responder, a happy birthday. Read it here or listen here. If you need more background on Stewart’s case, Chris Hedges explains here.

Happy new year to Lynne and Ralph and to all of us.