Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Return of Arthur Silber

“There sits a tyrant holding fettered four millions of slaves; here comes their heroic liberator. This most hypocritical and diabolical government looks up from its seat on the gasping four millions, and inquires with an assumption of innocence: 'What do you assault me for? Am I not an honest man? Cease agitation on this subject, or I will make a slave of you, too, or else hang you. '”

Henry David Thoreau, A Plea for Captain John Brown

He is back! Arthur Silber hadn't posted in several months, and knowing of his precarious health, I was quite worried about him.

Arthur recently suffered the loss of Wendy, one of his dear cats, but he is now writing again. He says that he intends to write about Thoreau's "A Plea for John Brown." I can hardly wait to read what Arthur has to say, so I took a look at the essay. John Brown is a fascinating man, and one of America's great heroes. Arthur is also one of my heroes, so I am anxious to discover what he has to say about the great liberator.

I think the above quote applies not only to a slave holding United States, but to a nation now on the precipice of financial collapse and imperial ruin. Cease agitating, or you'll be done away with.

Remember Moammar Gaddafi. He wouldn't bend to the west's will, and he was savagely executed. Julian Assange is also in danger. He will be extradited to Sweden and probably then to the United States. He wouldn't cease agitating and he will be treated accordingly.

There is nothing innocent about the United States, but it struts about and preens as if it were a model of moral rectitude. Anyone who argues otherwise is in grave danger.

I am, as always, looking forward to what Arthur has to say in the future.