Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Finance Capital is the Enemy, and the Address is Wall Street

Words of the week from Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report

"The young people that began this Occupation Movement less than two months ago are not 'us,' but they have done all of us a great service. They have shouted out the name and address of the enemy – the enemy of all humanity. The enemy’s name is Finance Capital, and the address is Wall Street, and that is the truth.

But there are some who try to confuse our folks about this essential truth. They want to obscure the fact that Finance Capital is the greatest danger to everyone on this planet, from those of us sitting right here in this church, to the Black people of Libya who are being hunted down like animals, this very evening, by forces that the U.S. Government has empowered.

Finance Capital – Wall Street – wants to seize and corner every market and every resource in the world, from the land that we stand on here in Harlem, to the oil under the land, in Libya. We need to be focused on that central truth.

We need to stop listening to those who say we shouldn’t be associating with those white Occupation people; that those white kids don’t speak for us.

Well, that’s right. They don’t speak for us; we have to speak for ourselves. Their presence downtown is a challenge to us to speak up against a Wall Street that has done more damage to Black America than to anyone else in the country.

That is our obligation, and we must meet it. We owe that to the ancestors."