Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The United States Starves Somalia

The New York Times published a photo of a starving Somalian child in today's edition of that newspaper. As expected, the photo has elicited comment and deep emotion, as it should. Unfortunately, the Times headline states that the Shabab, Somalia's resistance group, is responsible for the starvation. What a difference one year makes. In February 2010 the Times said the following. "U.N. Officials Assail U.S. On Limiting Somali Aid ."

It is the United States which instigated Ethiopia's invasion of Somalia, destroying that country and killing thousands of people. Black Agenda Report has done great reporting on how the U.S. and Ethiopia are deliberately starving Somalians. Chris Floyd has also reported a story which has largely been ignored.

Don't believe anything our government says about its actions abroad. As in all other ways, the Obama administration continues the very worst policies of the Bush regime, and killing Somalians is no exception.