Sunday, August 21, 2011

Does Obama Believe in Global Warming?

"Global warming caused by burning fossil fuels is melting the Arctic's ice. The melting of that ice makes it possible to exploit the region's reserves of fossil fuels, which will contribute even more to warming of the Earth's temperature.

And, remember, we will be trashing the Arctic for, at best, three years worth of oil."

Randolph Holhut

Liberal snootiness and snobbery is really and truly making me sick. These people care nothing about issues or ideology and will run like sclalded dogs rather than wage a political fight against the ruling classes. It makes sense I suppose. They don't call them rulers for nothing.

This week republican presidential candidate John Huntsman made news because he says that global warming is a fact. His rivals, most prominently Texas governor Rick Perry, say that it is unproven theory.

Progressives watch and laugh and stick their noses high in the air. They have yet another chance to proclaim their intellectual and moral superiority over conservatives.

Of course, this would have been a perfect week to point out that president Obama, just like Rick Perry, could give a rat's backside about global warming. The U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has given preliminary approval for Royal Dutch Shell to begin drilling in the Alaskan arctic next year. Yes, I know, the EPA and Fish and Wildlife and heaven only knows who else must also agree. But seriously, do you really think that one agency said yes without knowing what the boss, Obama, wants the rest of them to do?

Are memories so short that the BP disaster in the gulf last year has been forgotten already? It took BP five months to figure out how to resolve the Deep Water Horizon disaster and the gulf is still paying the price.

Obviously every living creature on earth is paying the price for global warming. More fossil fuel accelerates the dangers and drilling in the arctic ocean is needlessly dangerous. But never mind. Perry is an ignoramous and Michelle Bachmann is stupid, so we need an ivy league smarty pants to send us on the road to hell. We'll feel better knowing that a constitutional law professor sent us there.