Saturday, September 25, 2010

“Bishop” Eddie Long

Here is a piece of advice coming from a nice, middle aged, black baptist lady. One of the principles of the baptist faith has always been that we are a non-hierarchical church. All baptist clergy were called reverends, period. COGIC, AMEs and other denominations had bishops, but baptists did not. So you can take these words to the bank. Any baptist minister calling himself  “bishop” is a fraud, a huckster, and a hustler.

The madness infecting our society has not exempted church people. While baptists sudddenly have bishops, many preachers are giving themselves the title Rev. Dr. when in fact they have only honorary doctorates. Have mercy!

I think this foolishness is a symptom of the ongoing collapse of our society. As the military budget saps our resources, as finance capital sucks our economy dry, as public schools are privatized and democrats and republicans become less and less different, people will succumb to bizarre behaviors they never would have considered in the past. The churches and their members will fall just like the rest of society.