Thursday, January 31, 2008

Show Your Love to Brattleboro

You have to love Brattleboro, Vermont. That town has chosen to go where our Congress will not. While John Conyers simultaneously claims that impeachment is on the table but still fails to schedule hearings, town resident Kurt Daims took action.

He quite rightly believes that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have committed war crimes and should be arrested. He circulated a petition that would require that town's police to do just that should either of the two ever set foot in Brattleboro.

Of course, right wing Bush worshippers have their pants in a twist and are venting their spleens against Brattleboro. Their voices must not be the only ones heard. It is important to speak up in support of this petition that will come to a vote on March 4th.

The Brattleboro Chamber of Commerce should get a shout out, so should the local paper, the Reformer. Interim Town Manager Barbara Sontag should hear from you too.

You go Brattleboro!