Thursday, January 24, 2008

Re-Elect Dennis Kucinich

"We already know the state of the union. It is a lie.

Dennis Kucinich

Before he announced he was giving up his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination, Congressman Dennis Kucinich announced that he was running for re-election. Kucinich faces a primary battle on March 4th. His major opponent, Joseph Cimperman, has raised more than $226,000 while Dennis' campaign cupboard is bare. That is why he was forced to drop out of the presidential race.

Please make contributions to the re-election campaign so that Dennis can get ads on the air in his district. Go to his campaign website and make your contribution today.

If Kucinich is defeated, democracy itself will have been defeated. Impeachment hearings are the only hope we have left for peace and only Kucinich had the guts to announce that he would introduce an impeachment resolution on the same day as the state of union address. He later withdrew the word "lie" from the House record, but his plans to impeach remain firmly in place. While John Conyers and others give into the Pelosi/Reid crowd of back stabbing liars, Dennis Kucinich stays the course.

The corporate media are going to crown either Clinton or Obama with the Democratic nomination. Neither one of them is up to the task of undoing the damage wrought by Bush. True progressives will need to be in Washington to fight a Democratic president.

Re-elect Dennis Kucinich!