Monday, December 31, 2007

Israeli Government Stiffs Holocaust Survivors

In his book The Holocaust Industry, Norman Finkelstein documents the disgraceful shakedown of Swiss banks in the guise of helping holocaust survivors. The Swiss ultimately forked over more than $1 billion when they may have owed something like $60 million. Math was never my strong point, but even I can say that 1 billion is a heck of a lot more than 60 million.

Now some Israeli holocaust survivors have actually moved to European countries, including Germany, where they are guaranteed generous social service benefits. The government had the gall to increase payments to elderly survivors by a mere $20 per month.

In 2007, survivors were promised $7.7 million would be deposited in a government welfare fund for their benefit. Only half that amount ever reached its destination.

By the way, "pro bono" lawyer Burt Neuborne walked away with $3 million for representing the claims of holocaust survivors. I thought pro bono meant free.