Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bill Kristol and the New York Times

The New York Times confirmed that Bill Kristol will now join their stable of op-ed columnists. Here is my letter to publisher Bill Keller.

"I think it is an open question whether the Times itself should be prosecuted for this totally gratuitous revealing of an ongoing secret classified program that is part of the war on terror.”
Bill Kristol

Who is the biggest hypocrite here, you or Kristol? He either knew he was full of it when he made that statement or he decided to forget about it so he could make more money and have a platform for his pro-empire, pro-war propaganda. You and your colleagues have decided to forget that you were slandered so that you could suck up to the right wing in a first class way.

When I first read that the Times was hiring Kristol I decided that I would never read his column. I thought about it for a while and realized that response was inadequate. Instead I have decided not to pay to read your paper as long as Kristol is a columnist. Today I can save $4.00 and tip the waiter who serves my brunch. Whoever that person is deserves my cash far more than you or this blood thirsty, hateful man.

Margaret Kimberley
New York, NY