Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rewarding the Evildoers

Robert Scheer used to write for the Los Angeles Times. He was one of the leading critics of the occupation of Iraq. He was right about everything. The L.A. Times fired him and replaced with warmongering cheerleader Jonah Goldberg. He was wrong about everything.

Over and over again the evildoers have been rewarded with better gigs, more cash, and bigger speaking fees. Radar Online tells the sad story. It is sad, but not at all surprising. The ruling class want war, their friends at Halliburton and other corporations are making plenty of cash. So the war will go on to make sure that they keep getting rich. The riches extend to the corporate media and their cheerleaders. No wonder Scheer got the pink slip.

New York Times columnist Tom Friedman always had a lust for other people's blood and he didn't try to hide it in 2003. He has a closet full of Pulitzer prizes but it isn't clear why. He must have a relative on the panel. He is also one of the big winners in the pundit clean up sweep stakes. His writingss are an absolute waste but that hasn't stopped him from making a fortune.

Take a look at this interview from C-Span's Book TV in 2005. At about 24 minutes into the program a caller asks about the neocons push for war because Israel wanted it. Friedman pretended not to understand the question and the wimpy interviewer let him off the hook. The caller hit the nail on the head. We went to war in large part because Israel wanted it and Friedman thinks that is fine. Just don't bother to ask him about it.

Why should he bother answering? He isn't beholden to any of us. He can keep writing crap and keep making millions.