Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Arnold for President?

"He clamped his right hand over my boob and was wrestling with me... He wouldn't let go. I fought him. The size of his biceps coming across my chest, they were enormous. I couldn't get away from him... Any time you make a woman feel that vulnerable or that overpowered, it changes you forever."
Schwarzenegger assault victim

Have you noticed that the media are giving Arnold Schwarzenegger more attention than usual? Last week the New York Times felt compelled to tell readers that his broken leg still hurts. The announcement of his universal health care plan is newsworthy, but he has no way to pay for it. It probably won't go anywhere. Let's see if he gets the same kind of scrutiny that the Clintons got over their attempt to create a national single payer plan.

The attempt to get Arnold in the White House has never abated. There is a big problem, however. He wasn't born in the U.S., so there is now an effort to change the constitution so that he can run. Make no mistake about it. This effort will be about putting Arnold in the White House.

And what is up with the Golden Globe awards? Why was Schwarzenegger a presenter last night? Oh, I forgot what I just wrote. It is all an effort to put him in the White House.