Tuesday, January 17, 2006

War with Iran

Is your entire f*cking country on crack??? Are all you Americans out of your cotton picking minds??? Are you completely freaking delusional? Homicidal? Psychotic? Have you lost any shred of a moral compass? WHAT IN THE NAME OF JESUS H. CHRIST ON A CRUTCH IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!!!
Den Valdron

The Bush team always wanted it. The neocons always pushed for it. Israel has been pushing for it. As the opposition to the Iraq occupation grows and talk of impeachment gets louder, the likelihood of a U.S. attack on Iran increases. Don't think for a momen that the Bushmen will just sit around and wait to be taken out.

For anyone stupid enough to think that attacking Iran is a good idea, read Den Valdron's piece in TPM Cafe. By the way Den, America is on crack, is out of its mind, is delusional, homicidal, and psychotic. As for its moral compass, it was always a bit haywire. Our country is led by insane people who will start an economic if not a shooting war with Russia and China if they attack Iran.

Everyone who threatened to leave the country if Bush won should start giving the idea serious thought.