Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Show Biz Parents

It is bad news if your own parents won't defend you unless they get cash. Michael Jackson's mom and dad, Joe Jackson and Katherine Jackson, were paid for a recent interview.

Michael Jackson's parents have a lot to answer for. Like others before them they lived off their children and in the process ruined their lives. If I raised a child who mutilated his face and proclaimed his love for sleeping with kids I wouldn't give interviews at all.

I don't know if Michael is guilty of these current charges or not, but Joe and Katherine Jackson are guilty of lousy parenting. Dad was abusive and Mom was the enabler. When asked if he beat Michael his father replied that he never used a stick, he used a belt. Hence, no beating took place. I have some sympathy for Michael, he got stuck with a jackass of a father. If Michael goes to jail Mom and Dad should be put in the cell next to his. The same goes for the idiots who allowed Michael access to their kids.

You need a license to drive a car but not to have kids. If we had licensing for parents the Jackson family should have theirs revoked.