Thursday, December 18, 2003

Be Careful What You Ask For

For months we have been told that capturing Saddam would solve all of our problems in Iraq. But of course our ignorance and/or dismissal of Iraqi culture has once again undermined our own efforts.

Seeing Saddam humiliated via tongue depressor has caused deep ambivalence among Iraqis, even for those who hated him. Some refuse to believe he has been caught. The capture has caused tensions between Sunnis and Shiites and culminated in violence. Read about it here.

This student chant was heard in the city of Mosul.

Ba`thiyyah, Ba`thiyyah
Wa la naqbal al-`ar

Baathists, Baathists,
and we do not accept humiliation!

Na`m, na`m
li'l-Qa'id Saddam

Yes, yes, to the Leader Saddam!

Ma natanazzal `an ithnayn:
al-`Iraq wa Saddam Husayn

We will not back down from two things:
Iraq and Saddam Hussein!

Bush, Bush, isma` zayn
kullna n'hibb Saddam Husayn

Bush, Bush, listen well:
We all love Saddam Hussein!

Namut, numut
wa yahya al-watan
Fa'l-tasqut Amirika

We'll die, we'll die,
but the Nation will live!
And America will fall!

Majlis al-Hukm, Ya Jaban
Ya `Amil al-Amrikan!

Governing Council, you cowards!
Agents of the Americans!