Wednesday, September 17, 2003


I've obviously been lied to a lot by campaign operatives, but the striking thing about the way she lied was she knew I knew she was lying, and she did it anyway. There is no word in English that captures that. It almost crosses over from bravado into mental illness.

Tucker Carlson, conservative pundit, on Karen Hughes, a former Bush spokesperson

Have you ever had the experience of talking to an unstable person and come away thinking that you in fact were the insane one? Crazy people do have a knack for making you doubt your own sanity. They will say or do something and then deny saying or doing it. Of course if you are accustomed to logic you can't believe that anyone would be so unstable and you begin to doubt yourself. Welcome to America under the Bush regime.

In the past few days the Bush administration has hit the mental illness motherlode. Am I the only one who remembers that they tried to link Saddam Hussein to 9/11? I ask because they are now saying they never said it. You have to click here and here to feel the full flavor.

Weren't we told by the Bushies that 9/11 mastermind Mohammed Atta met with Iraqi operatives in Prague? Didn't they insist that it happened even when it was proven that Atta was never in Prague? Didn't Dick Cheney repeat this canard as late as Sunday, just three days ago? I beg someone, anyone to tell me that I was not dreaming.

But you must hurry. They're coming to take me away.