Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Arnold, Oprah and Dark Fantasies

It is difficult to write about the California recall election because there is so much to say about so many things. Do I talk about the right wing plot to undo yet another election? Perhaps I should delve into the court ruling announced yesterday which may postpone the recall? Maybe confirmation of my suspicion that Schwarzenegger is a scheming social climber is the way to go. There are so many issues but not enough time to investigate them all.

I know what to do. I will leave all those pesky questions aside and go straight for the salacious jugular. Let's talk about race and sex.

If you depend on the mainstream media to get the news you are in serious trouble. The media get our attention by covering sensational and irrelevant information that has no impact on our lives. There is no other way to describe over the top coverage of Kobe Bryant, the Laci Peterson murder or the state of J. Lo and B. Aff's relationship.

On Friday I watched ABC news with Peter Jennings. What was the first story? The Iraq quagmire? No. Bin Laden still missing? No. Saddam Hussein still missing? No. Weapons of Mass Destruction still missing? No, no, no and no. The first story was coverage of the deaths of Johnny Cash and John Ritter.

Now I may seem to contradict myself but bear with me. I am going to reveal the sensational, but I don't think it is irrelevant. I think it is very telling and deserves more scrutiny if Californians are going to throw out a duly elected governor in favor of an actor who only participates in debates if he knows the questions in advance.

In 1977 Arnold Schwarzenegger gave an interview to Oui magazine. Among other things it included an admission of group sex that seems to be a description of a rape. This is the quote that caught my attention. "Bodybuilders party a lot, and once, in Gold's--the gym in Venice, California, where all the top guys train--there was a black girl who came out naked. Everybody jumped on her and took her upstairs, where we all got together." Asked by Manso if he was talking about a "gang bang," Schwarzenegger answered, "Yes, but not everybody, just the guys who can fuck in front of other guys. Not everybody can do that. Some think that they don't have a big-enough cock, so they can't get a hard-on. Having chicks around is the kind of thing that breaks up the intense training. It gives you relief, and then afterward you go back to the serious stuff." Read the full story by clicking here.

These days Arnie seems to be saying that it was all made up, although his explanation differs depending on the day of the week and who asks the question. I don't know whether to believe the story or not. I am trying to imagine a woman in an all male gym walking around naked and it doesn't seem plausible. The story could be made up out of whole cloth, somewhat true, or completely true. The important thing to remember is that the same people who trashed Clinton during the Monica drama are working very hard to get Schwarzenegger elected.

There is also the thorny problem of Arnold's groping women against their will, sometimes in front of other people, including his own wife. Read all about it. At least two women journalists have said that he grabbed their breasts. Click here too. Oh yes, and we have more about Arnold and black women. While partying during carnival in Rio Arnold discovered that "baby's got back." I will say this for the governor to be, he knows how to give a great quote. "After watching mulattas shake it, I can totally understand why Brasil is devoted to my favorite body part, the ass," he opined.Yes, there is more here.

These stories should be enough to sink anyone's candidacy but did I mention that Arnold is a racist too. According to two black body builders he repeatedly used the word nigger in their presence and one says that he defended apartheid. Click here. But we can't forget that ABC, the same network under the impression that John Ritter's death was the most important news in the world, can't decide when or whether to air the interview. As I said, there is way too much material here.

So, what do we know about Arnold? We know that he fantasizes about sex with black women but can't talk to black men without calling them nigger. He also seems to find it amusing to grab women who don't want to be grabbed. Is it just me or do these problems disqualify him from public office?

Where does Oprah fit in to our story? Well, today Arnold and his wife, Maria Shriver, were guests on her show. Read all about it and try not to gag. When I read about the interview I was more than a little annoyed with Ms. Winfrey. For starters, Schwarzenegger is running for public office. Is she going to interview Governor Gray Davis and the other candidates? If not, why would she in effect give Arnold an endorsement? Does Oprah know about the groping, grabbing and racial epithets? It is unclear from media accunts whether she asked the hard questions or not, but I certainly hope that she did. I find it hard to believe that I discovered these stories and the Queen of All Media couldn't. Had I been an Oprah fan before today I wouldn't be one now.

By the way, despite reading the New York Times every day and watching a plethora of cable news shows I have this information only because I am an internet addict. I find it amusing when the right wing go on and on about a supposed liberal bias at the Times. I wish it were true.

I am almost finished with this long tale but I can't bid my readers adieu without quoting Maria, Stepford Wife, Shriver. Her husband would consider her "damaged goods" is she were raped. Read it here. Fortunately, some Californians are on to her and gave her the bum's rush at a campaign event .

I think that is quite enough for now. I will deal with the issue of the recall itself later.

Oh no! I forgot. His father was a Nazi and he was friends with Waldheim and oh, never mind. It is getting late. I'll tell you the rest later.