Saturday, September 09, 2017

Because Assad is Winning

My column in this week's Black Agenda Report is entitled "Assad is Winning." The recent Syrian Arab Army victory in Deir Ezzor was just the latest indicator that the United States backed jihadists are on the run and that is very good news indeed. The people of Deir Ezzor certainly think so as they celebrate their government's victory.

Why are there suddenly stories about rapes committed in Syrian jails? Because Assad is winning. Why does the United Nations say that the Syrian government committed chemical weapons attacks? Because Assad is winning. And why does the Intercept suddenly claim that president Assad is beloved by American white nationalists? Because Assad is winning.

The story of sexual assault bears further inspection. It strikes me as being similar to tales of Iraqi soldiers tossing Kuwaiti babies out of incubators or Gaddafi giving his soldiers viagra. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, one man living in the U.K., is a part of this story as are others among the usual suspects supportive of U.S. backed regime change.

As for the Intercept, the story is is particularly disappointing. Essentially a couple of American crackers said they like Assad and presto! We have proof that the Syrian government is a hotbed of redneckdom. Moon of Alabama discusses mistranslation of an Assad speech which is used to bolster an anti-Syrian screed.

It is quite shameful that even those allegedly on the left support American imperialism. The regime change plot failed but the U.S. won't give up easily. So sad that there are willing helpers to a crime committed against an entire nation. But don't be surprised. This sorry spectacle won't end anytime soon.