Thursday, May 04, 2017

Black Agenda Report and CPR News: Obama Gets Paid

Obama will get paid. $400,000 to be exact. The patron of this particular largesse is investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald. Of course it won't be the last time the capitalist's factotum will be compensated. You can't build presidential libraries with hope and change. Speaking of change, $400k is chump change compared to what Obama will be paid in the future.

The announcement of the big payday sent naive Obamabots into a collective tizzy. Wasn't Obama supposed to be different? Well he isn't different and that is pretty obvious to anyone who was really paying attention. In 2008 he raised more money from wall street than any previous presidential candidate in history. And he didn't forget who the bosses are because the crooked banksters were bailed out and none of them went to jail.

Should we be upset? Yes. We should be upset that our system is so corrupt and that we live under billionaire rule. I explained in my Black Agenda Report column this week and discussed it with Don DeBar. You can read the column here and listen to Don and I here.