Saturday, April 08, 2017

Black Agenda Report and CPR News: When Black Misleaders Act Like Republicans

I'm going to admit I had no idea who was mayor of Baltimore, Maryland. I found out last week but not for a good reason. Catherine Pugh is the mayor and I learned her name after she vetoed a bill that would have raised the minimum wage in that city. It is currently $8.75 per hour and the city council voted to raise it to $15.00 over a five year period.

She did so by parroting a favorite republican talking point which claims that raising the minimum wage will increase unemployment. There is no proof of this. She also pleaded poverty, that is to say that paying municipal workers more money would increase the budget deficit. But Baltimore gives tax breaks to big business and that certainly takes money out of the treasury. She said nothing about changing that drain on public funds.

I could go on, but Pugh is just one of the black misleaders, the people who use the rest of us to become errand boys and girls for the democratic party. They get elected office and other high positions and do absolutely nothing that benefits the masses of black people. They lead us to poverty and to political confusion and we must fight them before we fight anyone else.

You can read my analysis in Black Agenda Report and listen to my weekly interview with Don DeBar. By the way, Pugh's act was so awful that BAR had to do a double beat down. Danny Haiphong also weighed in on this issue.