Wednesday, September 05, 2012

No, Maybe These are the Words of the Week

One of my Facebook friends wrote this in response to the bizarre, over wrought reaction to Michelle Obama's convention speech.

"I think this is why I have always liked math and science more so than the arts or law or politics. I like concreteness. If you solve a mathematical equation, you are wrong and there is no getting around it. Although the more variables yo
u enter into the equation and more unknowns, the harder it becomes to come to a solid conclusion in science, it is still much better than anything left up completely to the rational of man, singularly or collectively. I listened to Michelle Obama's speech and it was the most innocuous, lazy, weak, vacuous, milquetoast speech I can think of by a grown woman who should have been speaking on issues and topics that are affecting so many daily lives here and abroad. Instead, I hear about her dating time with Barack and silly shit like that...Yet, she is getting glowing reviews for her speech on the liberal left...this would be the best example of 'Kafkaesque' that I can think of. I would think I am crazy and that the speech somehow resonated some type of depth, except all I have to do is look at all the things I post on my facebook everyday to know the shallowness in the speech, this woman, the people listening to it and cheering in the building, the viewing audience, the pundits and ultimately, this society. How can any serious political mind grounded in any type of knowledge concerning ANY of the issues we are facing listen to that speech and think it was good? The indoctrination process never stops. At least, the people commenting below the article have a semblance of understanding of what is going on."