Thursday, October 27, 2011

Low Black Turn Out in 2012, Despite Obama Love

When I went to my polling place in 2008, I saw a line that went out the door, down the block, and around the corner. Even in a presidential election year I had never witnessed such a sight.

I assumed that many of the people waiting to vote were going through this process for the first time. It wasn't really surprising, I had heard many people say that they were excited at the prospect of seeing a black president, something they never thought would happen.

But I don't care what they tell a New York Times reporter, the never bothered to vote before 2008 crowd will not be back in 2012. Those of us in the black community who publicly criticize Obama are few, but many Obama lovers will go back to their disengagement. In 2008 he won red states like Indiana and North Carolina because of high black turn out. That won't happen again.

Black people won't bad mouth him, and they won't vote for republicans, but the people who have lost jobs and homes and hope won't be standing on long lines to vote in 2012. They will not verbalize their disillusionment, but they will stay home.