Saturday, September 03, 2011

9/11 Conspiracy

"That’s the real political world, in which Giuliani and others have never been held accountable. The conspiracists disdained the real world because they wanted to promote Bush, Cheney and the Neo-Cons to an elevated status as the Arch Demons of American history, instead of being just one more team running the American empire, a team of more than usual stupidity and incompetence (characteristics I personally favor in imperial leaders)." - Alexander Cockburn

No, there was no 9/11 conspiracy and Cockburn pretty much proves it. He answers the questions the "truthers" have raised and makes it easier to stomach the dreaded 9/11 anniversary celebrations. Yes, there are logical explanations for the towers falling, for WTC7 to appear to implode and yes a plane did hit the pentagon.

Now about that Israeli moving company...