Friday, October 29, 2010

Liberals Just Don't Care

The democrats are surely headed for big losses in Tuesday's mid-term elections. Barack Obama certainly won't lose for lack of effort. He has gone from backyard barbecues to high school auditoriums and this week deigned to speak with progressive bloggers, most of whom let him off the hook. In Salon, Dan Gillmor ponders why none of them said anything about the Obama administration defending, in court, and expanding Bush era civil liberties violations.

I commented and I kept it short and sweet.

"Most liberals are nothing but a bunch of snobs. They don't like Sarah Palin because she is dumb, but their smarty pants constitutional law professor president has gone to court to uphold and even expand Bush era civil liberties abuses and they say nothing.

They aren't wimpy, they are just dishonest. They only care about their people being in power, they don't care about what they actually do."

Most Americans think it is great idea to give up their power to the state. They just want the people they like to do it. Liberals are no different in this regard. I don't know when this attachment to authoritarianism will end, but end it must.