Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Black Agenda Report on The Real News

Did anything significant happen in Washington on January 20, 2009? You betcha. Black Agenda Report was in the house with The Real News.

Watch and listen to our very own Glen Ford here, here and here. While millions of people swooned, wept and danced for joy for no earthly good reason, Glen and I told the truth and held nothing back for very good reasons. (Hopefully you can see my interview tomorrow).

As I point out in my column this week, the over the top celebration for Wall Street grand theft and endless war should not be seen as a defeat, but as a call for determined resistance. It is time to resurrect the dead language of movement politics and put it front and center. Celebrations for the status quo, even if they are carried out by millions of people, are no reason to give up. There are millions of people unimpressed with the barrage of media propaganda, people who are desperately trying to find kindred spirits who need to know that they exist.

January 20th was a day for celebration. It is day to celebrate the beginning of determined dissent and uncompromised truth telling.