Friday, October 10, 2008

Is John McCain Sick?

John McCain never looked well. Lately he has looked very ill indeed. This two week old video from Crooks and Liars clearly shows that his left eye seemed to be drooping, which can be a symptom of stroke, among other conditions.

Counterpunch has received reports that McCain's melanoma has recurred, and that he may be receiving radiation treatments.

"An official in the National Institutes of Health, well known to our reader, has confided to her that in an informal conversation with a doctor in a California hospital the NIH official had learned that there had been a metastasis of McCain’s melanoma, and that this had come to light in a checkup in the past few weeks."

John McCain has not released his medical records to the press, but this is nothing new. In 2004 Bush skipped his August physical until after election day and when Reagan ran for re-election in 1984 he already knew that he had colon cancer but kept that fact from the public.

If the corporate media did their job, they would demand that presidential candidates release all medical records. Of course, many things would be different if they lived up to the title journalist, but I digress. McCain is sick, and it should have come to light sooner.

He is behind in every poll, and if reports of illness become more wide spread it is safe to say that he will lose. Of course, the thought of President Palin is taking a toll on his poll numbers too. If he should pass away in the near future, there ought to be a public outcry about the story that should have been. Oh wait, I'm sorry. No one cries out anymore. I forgot myself.