Sunday, August 31, 2008

Is Palin's Baby Her Daughter's?

"But I can't help being a little bit fascinated by the speculation that Governor Palin's "surprise pregnancy" was actually a ploy to cover the pregnancy of her 17-year-old daugher, Bristol. Most of the speculation seems to rest on the fact that while Governor Palin never seemed to show any signs of being pregnant until she dropped her surprise announcement - followed almost immediately by an 'early' delivery following an eight-hour flight from Texas. On the other hand, her daughter Bristol was apparently away from school for months with 'mono.' "
Talking Points Memo

I didn't write in the month of August and now that Labor Day approaches I am finding myself very far behind indeed. I haven't written much about John McCain's choice of little known Alaskan governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. I'm not sure what to think about whether or not she helps him. She can help by giving an out to the racists who won't admit that they still have "questions" about Obama because he is black. They can now claim righteousness by voting for a woman. On the other hand, the pro-Hillary white women who were drawn to her by feminist aspiration will be insulted. Why would they vote for an anti-abortion creationist who doesn't believe global warming is a problem?

All of these questions are now dwarfed by a now viral internet rumor. The governor has a four month old baby with Downs syndrome. She said that she and her husband new the baby had that disability but that they brought the pregnancy to term because of their pro-life beliefs.
I thought it kind of odd that someone with four kids ranging in age from 19 to 7 would have a new child, but we all know an "oops" baby or two.

According to this fast moving rumor, the baby isn't hers at all. The baby belongs to her daughter, Bristol, who is now 17. Consider the facts. The governor didn't announce being pregnant until she was seven months along, stunning the public and her own staff. At the same time, her daughter missed several months of school. The governor says because of mononucleosis.

The most mysterious part of the story, is the birth itself. The governor was in Texas where she says her water broke. Did she go to a hospital there? No, she got on a plane for the eight hour ride back to Alaska.

Will the corporate media take on this story or will they leave it to the National Enquirer? It shouldn't be too hard to get the facts. There has to be a birth certificate. There has to be a physician listed as delivering the baby.

If true, the story is worth covering because it reveals the rank hypocrisy of the Republicans and the Christian right. It would be hard to publicly acknowledge a teenager's pregnancy, but that is what pro-family types ought to do. She would have been better off saying that the baby would be welcomed into the family instead of creating a bizarre tale.

One thing is certain. McCain was desperate and didn't vet Palin. He only met with her once. And why would she say yes with this enormous skeleton in her closet? I guess for the same reason that John Edwards campaigned for president while simultaneously praying that the Riuelle Hunter shoe wouldn't drop. Politicians are very sick people.