Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pleajhai Mervin

"Hold still nappy head."

Pleajhai Mervin is a 16 year old from Palmdale, California. A security guard broke her wrist in an effort to subdue the dangerous cake criminal. He also felt compelled to say, "Hold still nappy head," when assaulting the young girl. It is all on video. But wait, there is more. A student who video taped the incident was arrested along with Mervin and his sister. Now Palmdale is safe from teenagers who drop cake, and tape police brutality.

Mervin's mother, Latricia Majors, was arrested and spent the night in jail when she demanded the guard be arrested. She was also suspended without pay from her job with the school district. The guard was suspended with pay.

he dropped a piece of birthday cake in the school cafeteria and ended