Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bush Homie Commits Rape and Murder

". . . conspired to rape a woman, and instructed SOI1 to monitor the radio while they went to the house . . ."
United States v. Steven D. Green

Steven D. Green is from George Bush's home town, Midland, Texas. He raped an Iraqi teenager and then shot her in the head.

He and his friends saw a young woman they thought was hot and decided to rape her. In the best tradition of thugs everywhere, they got liquored up first. They took off their uniforms and went to the girls home, raped and killed her and killed the rest of her family too. So much for Iraqi freedom and spreading democracy.

Green was arrested last week, but there has been no comment from the "stay the course" crowd or the "Iraqis need to get their act together" group either. Silence isn't golden in this case.

Iraqi PM Maliki hasn't been silent. He has spoken very eloquently against the immunity that the U.S. gave itself for crimes committed in Iraq. Sweet deal for Uncle Sam, hell for Iraq.

So, why do they hate us?