Monday, May 09, 2005

Vote for Bush, or Go to Hell

If, as Senator Bill Frist believes, Democrats are "against people of faith," then it follows that they must be kicked out of church. Rev. Chan Chandler of East Waynesville, North Carolina thinks so. The baptist minister had nine members voted out of the congregation because they 'fessed up to voting for John Kerry.

Of course, once the story hit the media the good reverend changed his tune. He is now welcoming everyone back to church and claiming that is was all a big misunderstanding. The exiled members don't believe it. They went to church with a lawyer at their side.

The drama hasn't ended. Some members quit in support of their oppressed brethren, now some want to toss Chandler himself. Of course he still has supporters. "He's a wonderful, good old country boy," said one. Well, that it explains it all.