Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Dump Lieberman

When John Stewart called Paul Begala a "hack" he was right on the money. Begala is a Clintonite and Exhibit A in the DNC destruction of the Democratic party. But my eyes must be deceiving me. The hack actually said something worth while. Here is the quote:

And yet rumors abound that Democrats, perhaps even former vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman, will find a compromise that allows Mr. Bush to succeed in privatizing part of Social Security. Look, any Democrat who rescues Mr. Bush's assault on Social Security ought to be defeated in a primary and allowed to begin their own retirement early.

Well said. Social Security is a line in the sand issue, or it ought to be. I will actually quote a Republican. "Just say no." Democrats must say no to any attempt to privatize, personalize or partially privatize Social Security. Social Security should be left alone. Period.