Thursday, May 20, 2004

New York Times Must 'Fess Up

When Jayson Blair gave NY Times readers news that was not fit to print the Gray Lady did an extensive mea culpa. When will they reveal to readers the degree to which they were in bed with Iraqi con man Ahmed Chalabi? Chalabi used NY Times scribe Judith Miller to whip up the frenzied but hollow case for war with "exclusive" information on non-existent WMDs. The Times helped make a bogus case for war. I am hoping for an apology, but I'm not holding my breath.

Florida Vote Theft

How was Florida stolen in 2000? It wasn't with hanging chads and butterfly ballots. Over 94,000 Floridians who were eligible to vote were removed from the rolls as part of a purge of "felons". Some of the felonies took place in 2007. I guess Katherine Harris and Jeb Bush helped Spielberg write Minority Report.

It is all about to happen again. John Kerry, who has more to lose than anyone, hasn't said a word. One of many reasons to be pessimistic about his chances.