Friday, June 17, 2005

If Kerry was Like Conyers

If John Kerry was like John Conyers he would now be in the White House instead of the Senate. Conyers ignored his minority party status, shrugged his shoulders when the Republicans tried to throw him out of the Capitol, persevered when the Republicans scheduled key votes to decrease attendance, and held hearings on the lies told that got the U.S. into Iraq.

All Kerry had to do was say, "I voted yes." He was too chicken to even do that. Instead he used hair splitting, incoherent, weasle words, "I only voted to authorize the use of force." Kerry should have owned up to voting yes and laid the blame on Bush. "I voted yes because I believed there was WMD." He should then have held hearings, like Conyers in the basement if necessary, and weakened the support for war. He didn't. The rest is history. You can watch the Conyers hearings tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern on C-Span2.