Thursday, June 09, 2005

Dean in 2008

When Howard Dean became Democratic National Committee chair he said he wouldn't run for president again. Well, all of the undeclared candidates for 2008 are trashing him. Joe Biden, John Edwards and Bill Richardson have all said that their party leader in fact is not.

I can't see any of them winning a presidential election. If John Edwards knew anything about winning he would be Vice President now instead of a private citizen.

Republicans use hateful rhetoric, tell lies to bring the nation to war, and Biden and Edwards say nothing. If a Democratic shows a little guts they run for cover. We have seen this movie and we know how it all ends. It ends with another Kerryesques Democratic wimp giving a concession speech.

Dean would have been better off if he had said "right wing Christians," but on the other hand, he didn't lie about WMD and kill thousands as a result. This Christian forgives him.

I say all bets and past promises are off. Run Howard, run.