Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Remember Florida

How did Bush steal Florida in 2000? It wasn't with hanging chads or butterfly ballots. Florida was stolen months before election day when his brother Jeb and Katherine Harris purged 50,000 eligible voters from the rolls under the guise of keeping felons from voting. Almost all of the 50,000 were black and nearly all were in fact eligible to vote.

If you read the NY Times, Salon or listened to John Kerry speak you wouldn't know the true story in Florida. It is extremely troubling that even liberals don't mention how the election was stolen.

If Kerry has any common sense he knows that Dean was hammered for speaking a little bit of the truth, so I understand why he won't say that the president's brother helped steal the election. The press corps will hammer him before the campaign even begins. Even if he won't say so publicly I hope that privately he is working to insure that all eligible voters are able to cast their ballots.