Monday, March 29, 2004

Mike Barnicle

Mike Barnicle was fired by the Boston Globe in 1998 when he was busted for making up a story. Barnicle was accused of plagiarism by the late Mike Royko, stole lines from George Carlin and fudged a quote from Alan Dershowitz.

Now he is making racist remarks about an interracial couple, William Cohen, former Senator and Secretary of Defense, and Janet Langhart, a former colleague of Barnicle's. The Globe reports that Barnicle said they were, "Like Mandingo." In his lame explanation he said he didn't remember the plot of the 1970s flick. Apparently he remembered that there was interracial sex.

As a rule I don't think it pays to express outrage about the Barnicle's of the world. The only demand ought to be that black people should be able to say anything without fear of being fired. When black reporters make up stories or give offense they are never seen or heard from again. I said it all in Black Commentator a few weeks back.