Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Is Kerry pursuing a losing strategy?

I should have my fill of predicting Kerry's demise. I said just a few months ago that Dean was headed for the nomination and Kerry was history. I must not have learned my lesson because I am predicting once again that Kerry will lose, unless he changes tactics.

I was appalled when I read that the Democratic nominee is backing Bush efforts to unseat a democratically elected leader. Hugo Chavez is the President of Venezuela but he is too far to the left to suit the Bushies. The will of the Venezuelan people be damned. The administration has been trying to unseat Chavez, a la Aristide, for some time now. What does Kerry have to say? He has called Bush "soft on Chavez."

John Kerry is making a terrible mistake in this misguided attempt to appeal to Cubans in Florida. Kerry should talk about how Florida was really lost. As I point out in my latest Black Commentator column, Florida was stolen when over 50,000 eligible voters were purged from the rolls in May of 2000. John Kerry has yet to publicly discuss the true theft of democracy in that state. Instead he has chosen to be defensive and in the process deny the most basic beliefs of the democratic party and put Florida back in the red state column.

If this latest strategy is a predictor of the way Kerry will run for the presidency, we should all prepare for the next Bush inaugural.