Monday, March 01, 2004

"I was Kidnapped. Tell the World It is a Coup."

Haiti's democratically elected president, Jean Bertrand Aristide, was removed from power by the United States. He was able to speak with Randall Robinson and Rep. Maxine Waters. He wanted the world to know that he did not leave Haiti voluntary. He was kidnapped and taken to Africa, probably to the Central African Republic. Read about it here.

We should not be surprised. The Iraq war is not described as a coup, but it should be. If we pulled it off with Iraq we can do it to a small nation with a weak and struggling democracy. We should protest the coup against Aristide as vociferously as we protested against the war in Iraq.

I am very discouraged that anything can stop this power mad administration. The public are disengaged and the American media are in the pocket of the powerful. Even when we make an effort to find the truth we are confronted by the New York Times which suddenly thinks we need to know more details of Saddam Hussein's corruption. The first anniversary of the war is on March 20th. The Bushies can't take a chance that they will be questioned. If we don't have more evil dictator news the public may actually think for themselves.

Of course, there are vehement denials that Aristide was kidnapped, but as I have said before, we should believe the worst about this administration and not be cowed by charges of conspiracy theories. Now is the time for all good people to be as paranoid as possible. God help Aristide and the rest of us too. There is only one super power on earth and it is always up to no good.