Tuesday, June 28, 2016

White Settlement, Texas

My addiction to the internet sometimes provides me with information I would rather not have. Today I was perusing social media, twitter I believe, and I came across a story about a cat in a library. It seems this cat was allowed to live in a library for six years but the city council decided that he had to go.

Who cares? Well I didn't until I noticed that the town is called White Settlement, Texas. So I indulged my addiction a little more and did a Wikipedia search. Sure enough there is a town called White Settlement.

"The name of White Settlement originated as a result of there being two settlements in the area: one occupied predominantly by Native Americans (near where Fort Worth is located today), and the other one being occupied by white settlers. The latter settlement received the name 'White Settlement' as a way to distinguish itself from the Native American settlement. The city was incorporated in 1941."

Ok, so why keep the name? Did anyone ever consider changing it? No worries. Wikipedia has an answer there too.

"On October 14, 2005, city leaders announced a plan to have local voters decide on a possible name change for the town from White Settlement to West Settlement. In the November 8 election, the name change was overwhelmingly rejected by a vote of 2,388 to 219."

The town in 89% white and just .05% black. The mayor's name is Ron White. 

It is fine with me if Texas really wants to secede from the rest of the country. Good-bye and good luck.