Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Good News of Brexit

You read correctly. The hand wringing from the New York Times and the white house and the pundits must be ignored. Brexit creates instability for finance capitalists and that is very good news. Brexit puts at least a temporary halt to NATO mischief making against Russia. Brexit exposes American control of the European Union which destroyed Greece, tore Ukraine apart and paid bribes to Turkey to keep the refugees who wouldn't exist without U.S./NATO/EU connivance.

My column in today's Black Agenda Report says all of that and more. Netfa Freeman discusses how Africa has been oppressed by European and American finance capital and how Brexit may be the beginning of a new paradigm for that continent. Netfa says that Brexit could be The Nail in the Coffin of Neo-colonialism in Africa. We can only hope.

Of course Glen Ford delivers the tour de force with House Negroes International Defend European Union. Colonized people have a warped world view and crises like these bring it all out into the open. 

Wednesday is more than hump day. It is Black Agenda Report day.