Thursday, June 30, 2016

Black Agenda Report and CPR News Interview: the Good News of Brexit

Today Don DeBar and I discussed my latest Black Agenda Report column, The Good News of Brexit. Simply put, the chaos that the Brexit vote cast on British politics is a positive development. The U.K. will be less likely to assist the U.S. in its next imperialist adventure, and Brexit stops the TTIP, the latest trade deal monstrosity. Of course the U.S. was opposed to Brexit. Washington only had to negotiate with the European Union on TTIP. Now it will have to do two deals and both are in jeopardy. Chaos can be a good thing especially since the left in Britain didn't know how to deal with the Brexit vote.

I want to thank Don not only for today's interview but for adding the great spoken word artist Benjamin Zephaniah. Rong Radio is a classic of political spoken word.

Zephaniah is a righteous man indeed. When he had the opportunity to get a knighthood from the queen, he said no thanks.