Friday, February 22, 2008

Kucinich Fund Raising Success

Dennis Kucinich has now raised more money than his main challenger, Joe Cimperman. Kucinich raised nearly $700,000 in the last six weeks and he now has more cash on hand than Cimperman. You can see the Federal Elections Commission chart here. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

This is not just good news for Dennis. It is good news for democracy. We already know that Bush will win November, because he has achieved his goal of silencing the Democrats for good. The system is rigged, guaranteeing that the eventual Democratic nominee will not deviate from his awful legacy.

A Kucinich victory will reverberate across the nation. The few progressives in Congress must not be picked off by Pelosi and her check bundlers. Dennis has to win and so far the signs are good.