Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kucinich Debates

"Congressman Kucinich, if we were to pull out now, who wins this war? Is it the United States or al-Qaeda backed terrorists?"

"I would reject that formulation. . . Now that we are there we need to get out. And I have introduced legislation, HR 1234. It is a plan to end the Iraq war. I wrote it in consultation with people at the United Nations. And this plan provides for ending the occupation, closing the bases, bringing the troops home. In a parallel process an international peace keeping and security force would move in as our troops leave. But we cannot get that agreeement until we end the occupation because the occupation is what is fueling the insurgency."

That was one of Dennis Kucinich's responses during a debate yesterday. His four opponents all gave the same immoral responses. We have a right to kill people, if we leave it will be a mess, we should partition the country, etc. Only Kucinich gave the moral answer, the answer that would save many thousands of lives. You can listen here.

The only time Dennis was caught a bit flat footed was during a discussion on gay marriage. He supports gay marriage but was taken to task for missing a vote on the issue. I feel a little better knowing he is running against four other people. Hopefully they will split the vote in the Ohio primary on March 4th. Of course the turn out will be bigger than it ordinarily would be because of the presidential primary. A larger turn out may help his main opponent, Joe Cimperman.

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