Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Congress Will Approve an Attack on Iran

". . . advocates of Israel's interests have prevailed on the Democratic leadership to strip any prohibition on the President taking military action against Iran without prior congressional approval. . ."

The United States is heading towards war with Iran. I'm afraid there is no other conclusion to reach. There is another inescapable conclusion. AIPAC and the rest of the pro-Israel lobby are behind it all. Why else would members of Congress with few or no Jewish constituents jump onto the bandwagon of nuking Iran?

It is a disgrace that the new Democratic majority in Congress can't put together a decent bill, even if vetoed, that will end the occupation of Iraq. Now they have completely chickened out and given Bush permission to attack Iran.

Mark my words. They will all line up and vote to approve attacking Iran, just like they did back in 2002 when they voted to attack Iraq. Hillary and Obama will be very eloquent, but when the rubber meets the road, they will say yes to killing thousands of Iranians.

Speaking of AIPAC, they have reached such a low point that they will promote a crazy Christianfascist preacher who wants to see Israel destroyed in a nuclear war. John Hagee gets invited to the annual AIPAC conference and gets applause. Why?

"What matters more to AIPAC and its allies -- all that matters perhaps -- is that you back the hardline Israeli government without reservation, support the institutionalized dehumanization of Palestinians and offer crucial moral support for the illegal usurpation of Palestinian land. "

Any more questions?